Developmental Screening

Developmental Screening

We offer developmental screening for children (3months -5 years) and psychosocial (behavioural and emotional) functioning screening for children and adolescents (4-17 years). Developmental screening is vital because it helps to monitor a child’s developmental milestones. It ensures early identification and timely intervention of developmental delays. It also aids in determining whether or not a child will need further comprehensive evaluation/assessment

Why Screen?

* Early identification of infants and toddlers at risk of social-emotional deficits is crucial for improving developmental outcomes.
* Early detection of developmental delay will enable parents to seek appropriate professional help to assist the child in improving on the identified deficit skills.
* Once established, social-emotional problems are highly resistant to change and intensify if not managed effectively and timely.
* Strong relationships exist between childhood social-emotional problems and delinquency and later criminality.

Our screening procedure assesses 6 domains:
1. Communication
2. Gross Motor skills
3. Fine Motor skills
4. Problem-solving
5. Personal-social
6. Social-emotional skills

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