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Keeping It Together In a Crazy & Uncertain World

Our world today has become very toxic and the life skill of resilience has never been more needed. It’s important that children be empowered with the necessary skills to thrive as they journey through life.

Children, just like adults experience emotions and are even more overwhelmed when they don’t know how to handle their emotions and those of others. Learning to understand and manage emotions from childhood lays a solid foundation for growing into a healthy, well functioning adult.

Children will not always have their parents around, therefore it is important that they learn to self soothe and handle distressing situations. This also helps to develop their self-esteem, as they grow to possess a positive assessment of their skills and capabilities.

In this book, your child will learn how to manage four major emotions: Anger, Sadness, Fear and Worry. We would like to encourage that as your child learns to manage these emotions, you reinforce them by acknowledging his/her efforts, as well as modelling healthy expression and management of emotions.


  • -	Omotayo Adeola
    Keeping It Together in a Crazy and Uncertain World is an incredibly practical and effective daily guide to overcoming stress and difficulties that come our way simply by virtue of living in an uncertain world. The daily steps are very easy to follow, and they integrate seamlessly with our everyday lives without any additional pressure of having yet another task to tick off for the day! You'll go through each day marveling at how such simple steps make such a huge difference in easing the pressures of our busy lives.”
    - Omotayo Adeola
    Content Creator
  • Lori Ann Copeland, Ph.D.
    We are all vulnerable to stress and looking for strategies to help us feel happier and healthier as we move toward our goals.  However, each of us has a unique and complex collage of challenges, needs, and strengths.  These differences limit the usefulness of a “one size fits all” approach.  Ogunrinde’s daily format offers the reader a tool for self-assessment and personal growth that is comprehensive but also concise and individualized.”
    Lori Ann Copeland, Ph.D.
    Professor of Psychology and Counseling

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